Integrated Rapid Assessment Services (iREAS) is a flexible, business-driven assessment approach that permits the client to make the right decisions focused on delivering value to the business.

  • ERP Logic, Inc.’s experiences allow for an accelerated approach that focuses on key drivers and processes which include:
  • Rapid solution that minimizes costs
  • Consideration of strategic drivers and critical business processes for the corporation
  • Gathering key requirements in an efficient and analytical manner to accelerate the decision process
  • Creating foundation for the design and implementation phase
  • Analyzing each SAP solution to support company growth and operations over time Processes that are objective and fact-based

iREAS Benefits:

  • Facilitates monitoring, sharing, and tracking important information throughout the organization
  • Faster implementation cycle time which mitigates risk and drives a shorter time to value
  • Uses a comprehensive project approach to identify, measure, and ensure the benefits of ERP
  • Achieves desired ROI through Solution scorecards and assessment workshops

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