Integrated SAP Upgrade Management Services (iSUMS) is one of ERP Logic’s Service Offering that is based on ERP Logic’s collective experience and knowledge capital. It contains ERP Logic’s best tools, benchmarks, credentials, approaches, and industry input that will help with all phases of an SAP upgrade project from the proposal stage through execution.

iSUMS offerings:

  • Jump start the project and accelerate all phases of upgrade initiative.
  • Identify and reduce high risk areas.
  • Bring proven upgrade experience, tools, methods, and resources.
  • Reduce upgrade project cost and effort.
  • Define long-term business value for upgrading.

iSUMS Benefits:

  • Strict adherence to stringent project time lines and budget.
  • Comprehensive functional and technical testing and training for a smooth upgrade.
  • Analysis and cataloging of all custom development.
  • Low cost and high quality project evaluation without a long term financial commitment.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improve operational efficiency.

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